Çift Serpantinli Hızlı Boyler

These water heaters, that are produced according to European Standard(Pr EN 12897), are double enamel coated and they are used espeacially in villas, hotels, restaurants, factories. They can be used also every buildings that need hot water. They are used by connecting to a boiler and a solar collector at the same time. 

Technical Features

- Capacity between 160 - 5000 lt.

- Hygienic because areas, that come into contact with water,are double enamel coated.

- 50 mm. Polyurethane insulated at the capacity between 160 - 600 lt. , special sponge insulated at the capacity between 800-5000 lt.

- Electrostatics powder painted cover on galvanized plate at the capacity betvveen 160 - 600 lt. , special winlex cover at the capacıty between 800-5000 lt

- Cathodic anode protection 

- Hıgh effıcıency

- Electrical resistance as optional 

- Esthetic appearance 

-10 bar operatıng pressure

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